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  • 329,00 kr. incl. VAT

    Easily accessible and refreshing gin for a floral GT with emphasis of apple. The varieties Rubens and Ahrista add sweet fruitiness, and are accompanied by lemon, sea buckthorn and a touch of ginger. Serve with an apple slice – and remember: avoid extra lemon!

    (0.5 liters, alc.vol. 43%)

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  • Batch no. 010 er god til en tom collins drink
    279,00 kr. incl. VAT

    An absolutely classic London dry gin with sun-ripened juniper berries and clear notes of cardamom, fresh citrus, coriander, and white pepper to add a little edge. Can be enjoyed with both dry and sweet tonic, preferably with lemon peel and, of course, with lots of ice.

    (0.5 liters, alc.vol. 43%)

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Hand sanitizer

Time calls for hand sanitizer. This special time calls for hand sanitizer. We offer a high quality version from our own Distillery in two variants: with flip-top or pump.

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