Apple brandy, whole cask – small, 30 L.

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At Oremandsgaard, we make apple juice from old Danish apple varieties, for among others several Michelin restaurants in Denmark. Today, most of the juice is distilled for apple brandy, and therefore we have planted more than 2,700 new apple trees in 17 different old apple varieties.

Where the French Calvados is made purely from juice, we have chosen to ferment and distill the whole apple, as there is a distinct and delicate taste in the peel. We have developed our own method, where we grind the whole apple so the aroma substances and fruit notes in the raw distillate become richer, and the difference is clearly tasted in the result in the glass.

Our apple brandy is stored mainly in rum casks, but also becomes excellent in sherry or bourbon casks. The latter, however, requires larger orders.

Buying a Cask share is an investment and a big decision. If you have any questions, please contact us at or +45 6057 5860.