Batch No. 039 – juniper, sea buckthorn & rhubarb

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This is not your classic sweet rhubarb gin. We have let rhubarb take the place that the cucumber makes in batch 22. It gives a fresh, mild gin, where the juniper is more significant than the rhubarb. Good for a dry tonic.

(0.5 liters, alc.vol. 43%)

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Good craftsmanship requires time and great raw materials. Our goal is that you can taste the ingredients that are on the label. In many common gins, there are up to 40 ingredients, which means that most people find our ingredient lists atypical. Our botanicals are not atypical for gins – but we have a minimalist approach to crafting taste. We select few, wild and amazing botanicals and bring them out fully so you can taste each one of them in your chosen batch. 

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