1/20 190 L Whiskey from Bourbon casks

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We distill our own organic barley grown on Oremandsgaard Estate, where the organic history dates back to 1967.

The water in the whiskey is from our own source, and the barley we plant and harvest ourselves. Oremandsgaard is the 5th generation known for its special malting barley, which great-grandfather Alfred Hage started up in the 19th century. The whiskey is produced in our column pot still, and the raw distillate is then stored in first-class Bourbon and Sherry casks.

The whiskey can be bottled after 3 years if our Master Distiller can guarantee premium quality. If he does not think it is good enough yet, you must arm yourself with a little more patience until you see his big and wide smile.

We do not use cheap shortcuts like 20/30/50 liter casks, we only use the original minimum 190 and 220 liter casks for aging