Our Story

From production on the kitchen table to manor distillery with several copper boilers, and cask-aged Whiskey in the attic.

From apple to gin

Opportunities in waste

At Oremandsgaard, we see opportunities in waste For the second year in a row, we have in 2020 received fallen and surplus apples from the entire local area. The apples are used, among other things, to produce our Pommeau, but also in the production of our Gin and Brandy.

Tonnes of apples

Received in 2020

Core values

We use tradition and good craftsmanship with pride.

Scientific precision

Our production and use of ingredients are characterized by a scientific approach to the distillation of spirits. It highlights the individual tastes and the good ingredients.

Organic tradition

We prioritize the quality of our raw materials – and use as far as possible the organic ingredients from Oremandsgaard, which has been organic since 1967


We follow the whole production with our senses and have ‘hands in’ everything we do.

Subscription service for gin

Ginspiration Box

Gin, tonics and a carefully chosen taster sample, delivered directly your door every other month completely without binding.


Experience our selction of spirits

In our webshop, you can order our gin, tonics, gift boxes, shares of whiskey casks and much more.

Subscription service for gin

Ginspiration Box

Gin, tonics and a carefully chosen taster sample, delivered directly your door every other month completely without binding.


Experience our selection of spirits

In our webshop, you can order our gin, tonics, gift boxes, shares of whiskey casks and much more.

The people behind Radius

Who are we

Radius consists of our two founders, Kristian and Flemming, and landowner & apple enthusiast, August. And then of course the whole Oremandsgaard family. You can read more about them here.


Master Distiller


Master Distiller



Est. 2016

The story of Radius

It was not really the intention that the two colleagues Kristian and Flemming should buy a copper kettle – they where just going to have a look. But they were caught in moment and shook hands with Müller Sr. on the purchase of a 180 litre boiler – and that kind of deal you can not run from. But what about the rather expensive equipment that had now purchased? Where should it be installed? Who should operate it?

Those questions were asked several times on the car trip from Tiergarten. Since both Kristian and Flemming were a under little time preassure. Flemming was the Vice President of Ferrosan – and Kristian worked at the same place as Formulation Specialist on patent no. 25 – The solution was therefore to sleep less. And so did the two friends in the first years of Radius’ lifetime, where all gin was made late at night – and could easily be characterized as’ moonshine ‘.

The beginning

It all started at home on Kristian’s kitchen table with laboratory equipment “borrowed” from the workplace. The result was a gin that tasted significantly better than expected. Especially the experiments with gin with added apple gave the correct balance. When the Copper boilers came home from Germany, Kristian and Flemming began to systematically explore the potentials. Our past experience from the pharmaceutical industry meant that we assessed each batch, understood as a recipe. And that is still how we know the difference between our many gins today.

With batch No. 18, we really hit something we felt had international weight. Holsteiner Cox, rose petals, fennel and lemon peel. We submitted it to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Two months later, the answer came. A silver medal. And then the project really took off. Suddenly it started to be a challenge to have day jobs when freight forwarders in and out of time had to either pick up or bring goods.

Radius moves into the Oremandsgaard Estate

On September 18th 2018, the local newspaper ‘Sjællandske’ published an article stating that the new generation at Oremandsgaard wanted to make Calvados from the apple juice that had supplied Danish michelin restaurants with, for many years. That newspaper article was presented to Flemming and Kristian, by a colleague who knew about their late-night work. Kristian and Flemming contacted August – and it quickly became clear that the enthusiasm for apples, ingredients and spirits was shared. Together they agreed that August and Oremandsgaard should be part of Radius and vice versa. The old manor stable was re-decorated as the distillery’s future production and headquarter.

The philosophy behind our products

Good craftsmanship requires time and excellent ingredients. Our goal is to be able to taste all the ingredients that are on the label. In most common gins, there are often up to 40 ingredients, which means that most people find our ingredient lists atypical. They are basically not. We just use fewer ingredients and let the taste talk.

Several well-meaning souls have also explained to us that we need to make fewer products so that people know exactly what they are getting at Radius. To that we can only say it as it is: The day we only make the same standard products day in and day out, we must close the shop. What keeps os gong is to try new ingredients and develop new flavors, so that you can always experience something new and exciting with us.

Local apple brandy on old apple varieties

In our first year at Oremandsgaard, we hit the worst apple harvest ever. Our expected harvest of 15 tons most of all looked like 2 tons Therefore, we introduced an arrangement for our neighbors in the Southern Zealand, where 1 kg of submitted garden apples resulted in a 1% discount on a bottle of gin or apple brandy. The expectation was 1-2 tons. The big surprise was therefore on the first day of delivery, where one trailer after another came rolling up the avenue. By the time the apple season 2019 was over, as many as 36 tons of garden apples had been handed in.

To emphasize how serious we are with apples, we planted as many as 3400 organic apple trees in 2019. We have planted classic South Zealand apple varieties, including Oremandsgaard’s own apple sort, The Hage apple. We believe that the distinctive taste of the classic varieties will be a fantastic starting point for our distillery when we start harvesting the fruit from this investment in 7-8 years.

Whiskey on our own harvest – and an attic filled with casks

Our move to Oremandsgaard led to a natural ambition to make whiskey. The estate was built on a fortune from trade in barley for malt back in the 19th century. And all ingredients are at hand. The water for the whiskey comes from our own spring, and we plant and harvest the barley ourselves. On the estate, there is also salty reed peat out in the outer marshes. This we smoke over the apple chips that come out of the pruning of the apple trees every year.

What’s next?

The story of Radius has just begun. We have many projects in sight. We´ve just opened the whiskey chapter, and the development of our spirits is ever moving. Follow us along the journey, we hope to see you at Oremandsgaard soon.

– August, Kristian and Flemming